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The following is a review that is entirely my own personal opinion. If you do not agree with it, that’s fine. Everyone is entitled to what they believe or disbelieve. Even so, that’s not an excuse to be rude. Malignant Denigration to me and what I believe in is morally unnecessary as well as unwanted. If you wish to express your opinion of disliking this, I ask that you please do so in an affable manner with no close-minded conjecture. Thank you and God Bless.

Series: RWBY
Season 1 - Episode 7 (The Emerald Forest Pt.2)


*Spoilers Ahead! You have been warned!*
*Also note that the underlined parts are not part of the story. They are simply my own personal thoughts on the matter*

Ozpin is standing on the edge of the cliff where the students were launched. Glenda walks up beside him and informs him that all the pairs have been formed, the last being Ren and Nora. Oddly she believes Ren is unfortunate because “They can’t possibly get along” although “He’s better off than Pyrrha” since she’s with Juane. Ozpin seems to only be somewhat listening as Glenda doesn’t believe Juane is ready for the type of combat they teach at Beacon Academy even if his transcripts say otherwise but is at least willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The teacher tells the headmaster how long it will take them to find the relics Ozpin assigned them to find. She asks what Ozpin “Used as relics this year”. In other words, not real items from times long since passed. Merely items that work as the targets for the students to succeed in their given mission. Ozpin doesn’t answer though. He uses his scroll (A type of communication device with many other electronic uses) to watch Ruby and Weiss who are, respectively, sitting with a bored expression while playing in the dirt as the other paces and says she knows which way they need to go.

Weiss finally admits...that they passed where they were supposed to go. Ruby (As deadpanned as I am) asks why Weiss doesn’t just admit the heiress doesn’t know where they’re going to which Weiss says she DOES know. She explains half-certainly, only ending her words with the task they were given. Ruby knows Weiss is being stubborn but responds immaturely by groaning. Weiss is a little miffed and points out Ruby doesn’t know anymore then she does.

The two bicker for a few moments. Admittedly, I think they’re both in the wrong with how they speak. Ruby isn’t being very mature but Weiss is being too prideful. Even though I was more disappointed in Weiss for what she said at the end? It isn’t by a whole lot. Ruby’s words and actions weren’t any better.

This might seem backwards from Ruby’s previous statement about wanting things to work. But at the same time, improvements between people don’t happen immediately. Plus it’s unlikely a whole lot of time has passed since the last episode, in universe. The last time we saw Ruby and Weiss, they had another big argument. So this moment between them is somewhat tenable.

Yang and Blake make it to the Forest Temple which is actually just a very small amount of ruins in the form of a circular looking platform with hardly any walls. Yangs asks Blake if she thinks it was the forest temple but the latter of the two says nothing and proceeds to the broken stone constructs. On the pedestals aligned against the ruined wall are chess pieces but some don’t have any. Meaning somebody else already got their pieces and have successfully finished the task.

Juane and Pyrrha are at a cave entrance as Juane asks the same question Yang asked Blake. Temples come in all shapes and sizes. Even if it’s not out in the open while they’re in the forest? It’s still in the forest, itself. So Juane wasn’t being clueless when figuring they found the forest temple.

One thing neither of them seemed to notice was the outside cave painting of humans with weapons fighting a scorpion. The audience wouldn’t be able to see it either since it was only there for 3 seconds at the most.

The two enter the cave, Juane having made a torch as a lightsource for them. Pyrrha starts to doubt they’re in the right place as Juane comments before falling forward and drops the torch. Pyrrha feels something “warm” inside the cave.

At the ruins, Yang jokingly asks if the Knight pieces would be a good choice (Calling it a pretty pony) and Blake agrees with an amused expression from her humor. Her amusement remains when they talk about the difficulty.

In the cave, Juane and Pyrrha soon have light again. Coming from an oddly shaped item that seems to be floating in the air in front of them. Juane believes it’s the relic and tries grabbing it a few times. Pyrrha realizes soon that it’s no relic and Juane sees several eyes glowing in the dark and staring right at him as he’s hanging from the glowing object before screaming so loud it travels out the cave, reaching Yang and Blake.

Yang hears Juane scream and comments with worry “Some girl is in trouble”. I laughed so hard that I needed to pause for a moment to not miss anything else. I still laugh no matter how many times I rewatch it. Juane’s scream is so feminine and nobody has any idea. Lol

He’s still screaming even as Pyrrha leaves the cave. The cave entrance gets bigger because a grim breaks it apart when exiting the cave right after Pyrrha. A giant scorpion (Called a “Deathstalker”) and Juane is still hanging from the glowing object which is actually the stinger on the monster. Keeping close enough to not ditch Juane but far enough the Deathstalker doesn’t reach her, she is about to advise Juane hold on but the Deathstalker flings the scared young man across the air. Jeez. Twice in one day, Juane’s been tossed like a toy. Poor man. Making a tactical retreat, Pyrrha falls back where Juane left but also to get distance from her and the Grimm even she can’t handle.

One final scene before the episode ends shows Yang asking Blake what they should do right before Ruby is falling through the sky and lets them both know she’s falling.

*Spoilers end here*

Ruby & Weiss - Both of them only had one scene together and it was just arguing. The statement I made about them arguing in the last episode still stands. Both were in the wrong in their own way. While Weiss hasn’t gone back to being an unenjoyable character for me? She’s not improving. And while Ruby is still my favorite at this point, I’m becoming disappointed in her. Hopefully this will change soon.

Yang & Blake - The two of them didn’t really do anything except find the “Forest Temple and the Relics” although seeing Blake smile and talk with slightly more positivity because of Yang’s behavior is good to see. I’d like to think my belief of Blake being aloof yet benevolent was accurate.

Juane & Pyrrha - It’s really difficult for me to add anything on either of them in this episode. I suppose the best thing was Pyrrha’s tolerance for any mess ups that Juane makes or Juane trying his best even if he makes a few mistakes. Other then that, they just explored around the forest and were attacked by a giant Grimm. At least they weren’t left out completely.

Glenda Goodwitch - I still think of her as McGonagall. Her comments are something I feel the Harry Potter teacher would say and how she’d act in the Universe. But she isn’t entirely stubborn when admitting if she could be wrong about something. Hopefully she’ll be friendlier than McGonagall was while the series progresses.

Ozpin -  He didn’t have any lines of Dialogue but words aren’t the only way to express what you’re feeling. His expressions and nonverbal response to Glenda’s statement were readable enough. Still some mystery behind him. I think he’s got a few secrets hidden. Even from those closest to him.

One thing I noticed is that the Main and Supporting characters all had a fairly balanced amount of screen time. It’s nice to see for somebody in a story that’s of some significance. It’s good writing, in my opinion.

Despite the above mentioned Pro, this episode is nearly the same length as the last. About 4 and a half minutes. Just too short for a full experience.

Not much happened in this episode. Previous ones have been shorter but they usually had something of at least mild significance and/or reason despite that. Like Nora’s Humor or mild improvement for Weiss. It’s not really a bad episode by any means. Just the least well done, I would say.

Although the next episode more than makes up for this one falling short. It’s for that reason I’m not including it along with this one. It’s so great that it needs a single page all its own.



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But even though I try to be a good person, this doesn't mean I'm incapable of becoming sad or angry. I still do everything I can to maintain a positive attitude. :)

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With all that said, I'm no visual artist but I am an aspiring author. I'm mainly here to see different styles of artwork and share my own thoughts with fictional media. I enjoy Roleplaying as well as socializing despite how my Autism sometimes hinders such activities.

Thank you for visiting my Deviantart account. I sincerely hope that we can get along. ^_^


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